About Limbr

Limbr is a social impact startup on a mission to make mental health care more acceptable and accessible.

Our Vision

Limbr’s vision is for a world where mental health is just, health - a world where looking after your health includes your mental and emotional wellbeing. To do that, we’re on a mission to make mental health care more accessible and acceptable - to smash the stigma and open up access.

Why are we doing this? Because we care deeply, we can make a difference, and the timing is right. Mental illness is a global health crisis, online care has become accepted as an effective treatment method, and society has become more open online.

Our team

We are building a team and company culture that values respect, diversity, and vulnerability, both for each other, and within the broader community.

  • D6eba3da8ea636a459d9d23b9e49cf23 Holly Bartholomeusz UX Lead

  • 35f70965592017f97d7f234c93acc3b0 Pat Allan CTO & Cofounder

  • 9959cad2a526b8cc25c7f5b2b6dfcc0c Dave Chung CEO & Cofounder

  • Cbb945c86337fb54ac346e70d871b8ad Sandy Buchanan Operations Manager

  • 8af3bac36e5ca5e41a5d7874b03f1160 Liz Seabrook Head Researcher

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